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4 Ways To Protect Your Ears

While advanced age is the leading cause of ear problems, sometimes the problems can be prevented by protecting your ears.

For example, you can protect your ears hence protecting yourself from noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. There are plenty of ways to protect your ears. Here are some of the most common ones:

Protecting your ears from noise

Noise is all over the place. In your place of work, you might be exposed to noise emanating from heavy machines, construction machines, lawnmowers, firefighting machines, and many others.

Ways To Protect Your Ears

If you love attending parties, you might be exposed to loud dance clubs, rock concerts, boom cars, and many others. The cool thing with these noises is that you can protect them from affecting you.

If you work in the construction industry or any other industry where you are constantly exposed to loud noises, you should ask your employer to provide you with hearing protection that is ideal for your job.

Do you partake in recreational activities such as attending clubs and parties? You should protect your ears by wearing earplugs, earmuffs, or both.

Earplugs are cheap and you can easily find them in your local drugstore. When buying the pieces, pay attention to the shape and size. Always buy those that fit you perfectly.

Earmuffs are large and often fit over your entire ear and are held in place by an adjustable headband.

When you are choosing hearing protectors when attending parties, choose those that block out the loudest noises, while permitting conversations, music tones, and other desired sounds to get through.

If you don’t have the hearing protection devices, you should stay away from the source of the noise. For example, when attending a party, stay away from the speaker.

If you are observative enough, you will notice that most of the young people listen to their radio on headphones that are ultra-loud. Did you know that this can lead to noise-induced hearing loss? To protect yourself you should turn the volume down.

If you can’t hear the external sound, the headphones are most likely too loud and it’s time to turn the volume down.

Data shows that the risks of hearing damage are high in confined places; therefore, you should be cautious when you are in these places.

When you are in a car, a small room, or any other small place and there is a loud noise, you should stay away from it as much as possible. You also should consider wearing protection all the time you are in these places.

Finally, you need to take a break when you are exposed to noise. If you work in a factory or attending a music festival, you should step away from the noise every two hours so that you can give your ears time to rest.

You should note that you should step away from the noise even if you are wearing hearing protection.

How to protect your ears from injury

ways to protect your ears

There are plenty of ways in which you can protect your ears from injuries that can damage the middle and inner ear. Some of the thing ways include:

Always wear helmets when you are playing sports or riding motorbikes and bicycles.

When you are driving or riding in a car, always wear a seatbelt. This is to protect yourself in the event you are involved in an accident.

Regardless of what you are doing, try to avoid falling as much as possible.

You should know and follow the safety rules when you are scuba diving

Avoid using cotton swabs in your ears. Many people want to keep their ears as clean as possible. They do so by getting rid of all the wax in the ears.

While this might leave your ears clean, you should note that it’s not healthy. You should note that a little ear wax is good for the ears.

The ears are self-cleaning and wax prevents dust and other particles from entering the ear canal.

When you remove all the wax, you expose the ears to the dust and other harmful particles. Inserting the cotton swabs into the ears puts you at the risk of getting hurt as you can easily damage the sensitive organs such as the eardrum.

If you are having excess wax in your ears, you need to simply clean around the canal with a damp towel. Doctors also recommend that you use a wax removal solution for a few nights.

The purpose of doing this is to soften the wax so that it flows out on its own.

Protecting your ears from ototoxic medications

Ototoxic medications include medications for malaria, salicylates, naproxen, ibuprofen, and many others. While the hearing loss brought about by these medications is temporary, in some cases the damage is long-lasting.

For you to protect yourself from the effects brought about by the medications, you should discuss your concerns about the medications with your doctor.

When you are given the medications by your doctor, always take them according to the given directions.

It’s common to face some side effects especially if you suffer from allergies. When you notice the side effects, let your doctor know about it immediately.

How to protect your ears from diseases

ways to protect your ears

Hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the common diseases that affect ears, but there are plenty of other conditions that predispose the ears to dangers. Conditions such as meningitis and syphilis can lead to hearing loss if you don’t fix them early enough.

For you to protect yourself you need to:

  • Keep all your vaccinations up to date
  • Seek medical attention when you are having an ear infection regardless of how minor it is
  • Undertake regular tests especially if you deal with loud machines or work in noisy environments
  • Keep your ears dry. When you keep a lot of moisture in your ears, you allow bacteria to bleed which tends to harm the ear canal. When you are rained on or you are from swimming, you should dry the ears.
  • Another way of keeping your ears dry is by wearing custom-fit earplugs when you are swimming.
  • Finally, you need to protect yourself from STDs such as syphilis by practicing safe sex.


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