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Can You be Evicted For Snoring?

Most apartments have a noise policy where you aren't supposed to make loud noises past 10 pm. If you tend to snore loudly and have received a letter from the management that you are disturbing your neighbors with your snoring,…


How to Reduce Floor Noise

Has your downstairs neighbor complained that you are making noise for them as you walk around your apartment? You should strive to reduce the floor noise so you can live in harmony with them. How do you reduce floor noise?…


Solved: Neighbours Talking Loudly At Night

You move to a new apartment, and you are excited about the new life you are beginning. The moving day is fine, but when the night strikes and your neighbors come back from work, the noise fills your apartment. From…


Can Neighbours Complain About Snoring?

As a tenant living in an apartment building, you have a right to a quiet and peaceful rental unit, but at the same time, your neighbors have a right to do innocent protected acts that make noise, such as running…

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