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Solved: Neighbours Talking Loudly At Night

You move to a new apartment, and you are excited about the new life you are beginning.

The moving day is fine, but when the night strikes and your neighbors come back from work, the noise fills your apartment. From television noise, people banging things, to game noises, you can’t get your head straight.

That’s not even a problem, as the noises quickly subside by 10 pm.

There is this immediate neighbor that keeps talking through the night. From when they ask for more food to having a phone call, you can hear it all.

You think that this is a one-night thing, but two months down the line, you can hear them talking loudly, and you have had enough—you can’t bear it any longer. What should you do?

Well, there are plenty of things you can do. Some of them are:

Talk to your neighbor

Chances are your neighbor doesn’t know they are making a lot of noise, so notifying them about it might bring it down.

Before you go knocking on their door, you should know that some neighbors might have an issue with you telling them they are talking too loudly, so you should be strategic about how you go about it.

A great way is to get a gift, such as a bottle of wine, and then knock on their door when things have settled down, such as after dinner.

Explain to them about your predicament and say that you can actually hear about their secrets. No one wants to let their secrets out, so chances are they will keep it down.

If the neighbor comes in late in the night and you can’t get them, consider writing them a letter such as this one.

Talk to the landlord.

If you have talked to your neighbor and are still talking loudly, consider telling the landlord or property manager about it. To strengthen your case, record the neighbor talking and play it to the landlord when making your complaint.

When you have concrete evidence, your property owner will take the initiative to talk to the noisy tenant and even sometimes evict them if they aren’t complying with the building rules and regulations.

Close the windows

I once lived next to neighbors that loved sitting out in the garden next door during summer and talk until late in the night (sometimes up to 2 am).

Since it was hot in the house, I kept the window open, and as a result, I could hear their loud conversations from my bed.

One night they were drinking from the garden bench with a couple of their friends, and the talking got too loud that I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to shout at them to shut it up, but noticed the window was open.

Upon closing it, it kept out most of the noise and brought some serenity.

Although I could still mildly hear them, they weren’t as loud, and I could sleep.

You can do the same. If the window faces your noisy neighbor, you can simply close it and restore sanity in your house.

If the building is old, consider sealing the windows’ gaps and cracks with a high-quality sealing agent.

How to stop worrying about noisy neighbours

If you don’t want to bother the neighbors or the landlord, there are several things you can do to keep out the loud noises. Some of these things include:

Wear earplugs

Besides being cheap and easy to find, earplugs are highly effective at keeping out most noises.

When getting the earplugs, but high-quality ones that are the right fit for your ears.

The last thing you should do is get cheap pieces that even tear as you get them out of your ear or are the wrong fit that they fall off or make you too uncomfortable.

If you aren’t sure about the right size of earplugs to get, consult your physician.

Play some music

You can easily drown the noisy neighbors using music. All you need to do is bring your radio or speaker next to your bed and put on some music. To be even more successful, play the music from your earphones.

Of course, you don’t want jumpy music—play soothing music that will not only drown the noise, but also soothe you to sleep.

Make use of white noise.

A white noise machine is also highly effective at drowning out your annoying neighbors. When correctly set up, the machine can also help calm you down when you feel anxious about the noise.

You can buy the white noise machine but if you don’t have the money, use free white noise apps on both Apple and Android stores. You can also lookup “white noise” on YouTube and play the white noise from your earphones.

If you don’t like white noise, you can always use a fan to drown the noises. Remember to set up the fan properly, so it isn’t too loud to become a nuisance.


If you have tried everything and the loud talking of your neighbors is still getting to you, consider moving out of the apartment. Before you make the big move, talk to your landlord and ask them about the availability of a quieter apartment, such as one on the topmost floor.

If there isn’t one available in your building, do your research and find an apartment in a different building. To be certain there isn’t noise in the new building, visit it at different times of the day and gauge whether the noise is tolerable.

Don’t revenge

Some people will try to get revenge when driven over the edge. For example, they will blast loud music when their neighbors talk. Others will begin shouting or playing games, such as tennis, inside the house.

This is wrong and immature.

As mentioned above, if you have a problem with a neighbor, bring it to them or talk to the property manager. Don’t have the guts to do this? Try drowning the noises!


I hate noise with every single bone in my body and I'm here to share some of the tricks that have worked for me in my effort to keep off noises from noisy neighbors, noisy appliances, and so on. Buckle up for the ride.

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