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How to Break a House Window Quietly

Imagine this. You step outside, and the door closes. You have no keys, so you can’t get back in. You have pets in the house or, even worse, kids.

The easiest way into the house is through the window; unfortunately, it’s locked. What do you do?

You have to break the window. While this is a viable idea, breaking a house window attracts a lot of attention, and people might deem you a burglar and call the police on you.

How to break house window silently

You don’t want this, do you?

As luck might be, you can break the window without attracting a lot of attention. You do this by breaking the window silently. Wondering how to break a house window quietly? Here is a guide on how to go about it:

Hit the window with a hammer

I know what you are thinking…where will I get a hammer when I’m locked out of the house?

Have you locked the garage? If not, get the hammer from there. If you don’t have one or locked the garage, ask your neighbor to lend you one.

Hitting the window directly with the hammer will make a lot of noise, so muffle these sounds with your door rug. You can also go to the dumpster and find an old rug or fabric.

Carefully tie it around the hammer’s head and then proceed to break the window with the covered head. When hitting the window, don’t hit it at the center—do it from the edges.

If your garage is open, you most likely have duct tape there, right? Cover one side of the window wholly using it. The tape will minimize the impact of the hammer and, at the same time, hold the broken pieces, so you don’t make a lot of noise.

Place a few rugs or pieces of fabric below the window to prevent the broken glass pieces from falling directly on the floor and making noise that might attract attention.

Use a spark plug

Many people know the effectiveness of spark plugs at breaking car windows, and I’ve even detailed here how to break a car window silently with a spark plug.

While this is the case, you should know you can also use the spark plug to break your house window.

Where will I find the spark plug when I’m locked out of the house, and the car keys are in the house? You must be wondering.

Again, is your garage locked? If not, go through the toolbox, and you must have an old spark plug there. If not, ask your neighbor to help you out.

If you live near a motor store, you can rush there and buy one, hoping you still have money or a credit card with you.

The spark plug is heavy, so you might have the impression that its weight leads to the breaking of the window, but this isn’t the case. It’s the ceramic part of the spark plug that leads to the easy breaking of the window.

To know more about how the spark plug works, check out the article I wrote here.

To have an easy time breaking the window, target the window’s weak areas, usually the corners of the window pane.

Use a rock

Don’t have a hammer or spark plug? There must be a rock lying around, is there? Get it.

Like when using the hammer, get a fabric or rugs, and tie them around the rock. Place a few more rugs at the bottom of the window to catch the broken glasses, then hit the window from the edges.

Don’t throw the stone at the window as this will cause a lot of noise. When finding a rock to use in breaking the window, go with sharp edges to make your work easy. It also will produce little noise.

Tips to remember when breaking house window

To have an easy time and execute the task safely, you should consider a set of tips:

Use sharp objects

While heavy objects are handy at breaking the glass, they aren’t looking to do it quietly. In such a scenario, you need objects with sharp edges that will exert pressure in one area, making it easy for you to break the glass.

Watch out for cuts

When you are in panic mode, it’s easy to cut yourself. This can be from the glass pieces or from the objects you are using.

If your garage is open and has gloves and protective glasses there, wear them to protect yourself from glass pieces hurting you.


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