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Can Hear Downstairs Neighbors Talking And They Are Driving Me Nuts!

If you recently moved to an apartment or new people moved in, and now you can hear downstairs neighbors talking, I relate with you.

After graduation, I moved to New York into the top floor of a 2 story building. Before, I had lived in other apartments but I had never heard a sound from downstairs, but this building was unique.

I could not only distinctively hear my downstairs neighbor talking, but every single step she made shook the floor in my unit.

Can Hear Downstairs Neighbors Talking

I can hear my neighbors talking through the walls. Why is this so?

On doing my research, I discovered this building was old so you will often have this problem when living in an old apartment with wooden floors.  So the problem isn’t with the neighbors as they are most likely speaking in their normal voices—the problem is with the building.

How to deal with noisy downstairs neighbors

There are several things you can do about the problem:

Use a fan

If the noise isn’t too loud, use a fan to drown it. Depending on the apartment’s size and the number of people living with you, get fans that will make enough noise to block most of the noise coming from the neighbors.

One of the best fans we have come across is the Lasko Cyclone pedestal fan that produces enough noise to drown the annoying noise and at the same time effectively ventilates the house.

Get a white noise machine

White noise machines are also highly effective at drowning noise. If you can afford it, you should get one. Wondering which is the best to go for? I have tried the Lectrofan white noise sound machine that is highly affordable and comes with over 20 unique non-looping white noise sounds.

When using it, ensure the machine is not too loud that your neighbors can hear it and annoy them.

Insulate the floor

One of the prime reasons you can hear your downstairs neighbor is because the floor is too thin. If your landlord allows it, thicken the floor using carpets. If carpets are against the rules, consider investing in thick area rugs.

They will muffle the sounds, and you have a peaceful life. If you own the space, consider insulating the floor below the baseboards. This will do wonders at keeping off the noise.

Get earphones

If you live alone and don’t mind earphones, install red noise on your phone and listen to it on the earphones. By raising the volume to the right level, you will drown all the noise.

During the day, a little music in the background may give you the peace you are looking for, so put on your favorite music and see if you can drown the neighbors’ talk.

Talk to the landlord.

If the noise is too bad, ask the landlord about considering improving the neighbor’s ceiling.

While this might sound like a tough call, if you are lucky, you might be having a considerate landlord who will add an extra layer of thick Sheetrock in the living areas, and the condition will get better.

Make a complaint

Can you hear the talking after 10:00 P.M or during the early hours? Excessive noise during these times is considered a nuisance. You should make a complaint about the noisy neighbor through the city’s 311 system.

Invest in earplugs

If the talking isn’t too loud, sometimes all you need are earplugs. Wax earplugs do a better job than foam earplugs, so they are the best ones to go for.


If you work from home or have over-sensitive ears, consider moving to a new apartment. In most cases, moving mid-lease is difficult but possible. Have an honest talk with the landlord and explain your predicament.


I hate noise with every single bone in my body and I'm here to share some of the tricks that have worked for me in my effort to keep off noises from noisy neighbors, noisy appliances, and so on. Buckle up for the ride.

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